Collision Calls To Keep Close

Nowadays, you can keep nearly all of your computer information on your cell phone – from your whole music collection to the newest dog-riding-a-skateboard video clip. It’s also possible to use your mobile device as a safety net in case of emergency. Because Car Craft Auto Body in St. Louis, Missouri is concerned about your safety on the road, we’d like for you to take five minutes right this moment to tap these crucial numbers into your contact list so you’ll be prepared if something happens.

Police − Should you have an emergency or witness somebody else who needs help, you can alert your local police station about the situation more rapidly if you’ve already got the number stored in your phone.

State Highway Patrol − See a driver marooned by the side of the road? Be a Good Samaritan and call the state highway patrol for assistance.

ICE − This number, which is short for “in case of emergency,” ought to be your emergency contact – a mother or father, wife or husband, close friend, or whomever you want notified if something happens to you. Lots of emergency responders and hospital personnel know to find this number.

Home − Your home phone number, if you’ve got one. If somebody else finds your misplaced cell phone, he or she can call this number so you know your phone is intact. Emergency personnel may also try it as an alternative number if there is no answer at the ICE number when you have a car wreck.

Auto Body Shop − If you need auto body collision repair, it’s best to have a shop selected ahead of the fact. Take time to research auto body shops and find the one that you wish to use. If you are living in Bridgeton, Chesterfield, or Oakville, Missouri, give consideration to choosing Car Craft Auto Body.

Cell Phones and 911

Although technology continues to improve, many wireless cell phones don’t give you a way to ascertain a caller’s location. If you call 911 in an emergency, you’ll want to mention your location, your telephone number, and what has taken place.

Car Craft Auto Body in St. Louis, MO hopes that you will keep these tips in mind as you get ready for the next time you’re behind the wheel. If you have any questions about driving safety, auto body repair, or collision repair services, visit them today to get additional information.