Tesla Certification

Tesla Approved Body Shop Network

Car Craft Auto Body is proud to be a part of the Tesla Approved Body Shop Network. Our technicians received the very best hands-on training from Tesla themselves at their headquarters in California. We also work closely with Tesla to make sure that our facilities and equipment are up to the high standards that they demand.


Why is Certification Important?

Due to the complexity of their vehicles, Tesla will only work with shops that can provide the facilities, equipment, and training required to gain access to their parts for repair purposes. If a shop is not certified, they won't be able to work on your vehicle. This is a very important aspect to remember when you are looking for a repair shop, as they may agree to work on your vehicle only to realize once they've started that they are unable to gain access to the parts they need. This leaves your Tesla sitting half assembled in their repair bays until you can transfer it to a shop like ours.