Luxury Car Repair

The Best Luxury Auto Body Repair in St. Louis

Most auto collision centers repair your vehicle the same way they repair all vehicles, using the same processes, tools, equipment and parts.  Ultra-luxury, high-performance vehicles have complexities and are constructed in ways that require specialized equipment and extensive training regimens to become a certified collision repair facility.

At Car Craft Auto Body, we have the necessary certifications, specialized equipment, and trained technicians to restore the value and return your prized possession to the pre-accident condition you know and love.


Dedicated Aluminum Repair Bay and Tools

Aluminum and carbon fiber is widely used in the construction of luxury vehicles. Both light-weight and extremely rigid, aluminum and carbon fiber allow high-end manufacturers to enhance performance and fuel economy without compromising durability or strength. Car Craft ensures the proper repair of aluminum and carbon fiber body vehicles, with dedicated equipment, and the very best Specialist Technicians with considerable experience.