Aluminum Car Repair Service serving the greater St. Louis and Illinois area

The Importance of keeping steel & aluminum separated

What are the risks?

Aluminum is widely used in the construction of luxury vehicles and is making it's way into more and more consumer-grade vehicles as well. It is something that drivers and auto body shops need to keep in mind due to aluminum's adverse reaction with steel.

Aluminum and steel react with one another when in the presence of an electric current and can cause structural damage and oxidation. This manifests in pitting of the metal, peeling paint, and discoloration.

Aluminum particles are also highly combustible when allowed to accumulate. Our aluminum car repair bays are equipped with specially designed ventilation systems to keep the bays clear of dust build-up.

A Tesla sitting in our dedicated aluminum repair bay.

Car Craft Auto Body is Aluminum Certified

Car Craft Auto Body is outfitted with the latest tools and equipment to work on both aluminum bodied vehicles as well as steel without contamination. This isn't equipment you're just going to find at every body repair shop in town.

  • Dedicated Aluminum Car Repair Bay
  • Dedicated Aluminum Car Repair Hand & Pneumatic tools
  • Manufacturer specific frame equipment (3 celette benches)
  • Fronious aluminum welder
  • Manufacturer specific water based paint

In addition to our specialized aluminum welding equipment, Car Craft’s Specialist Technicians are BMW, Lexus, Ford, Tesla, Porsche and Mercedes Benz, Infiniti, Nissan GT-R, Ford F150, Expedition, Maserati, and Acura NSX Certified. Our technicians are also l-Car aluminum car repair certified. Technicians possessing that certification are required to have considerable experience in MIG & MAG Welding, and in the repair of complex body structure damage.