From Gas To Cash

Whether you rarely pound the pavement or you spend hours every day getting through the hectic streets of Saint Louis, Missouri, car maintenance and a number of good habits could put a great deal of gas money back in your wallet. Fuel efficiency is not established strictly by the make and model of your automobile. People of Oakville, Chesterfield, Bridgeton, and Saint Louis, Missouri would do well to take advantage of these little tips offered by the auto body specialists at Car Craft Auto Body in Saint Louis, Missouri. With just minimal effort, most motorists can considerably decrease the fuel line on their budget.

First, you ought to build a foundation of great driving behaviors to improve your gas mileage. Driving a vehicle with the distinctive abrupt starting and stopping of aggressive drivers is among the major ways to squander fuel. Go slowly and try to anticipate stops preemptively so you can slide into them rather than stopping suddenly. Similarly, do not press the gas like a horse fresh out of the gate and you may see your fuel efficiency increase by as much as fifty percent according to the U.S. Department of Energy. A different thing to think about is the benefits of really going the speed limit. Did you know that moving too fast can burn up gas too? Whenever you are traveling over fifty miles per hour, your fuel efficiency decreases the faster you go.

Another driving habit which could save you some gasoline cash is purposing yourself to the avoidance of traffic. It stands to reason that you will be burning gas if you are sitting in traffic but the motor is running. Unquestionably, you can steer clear of excess gas expense by avoiding traffic. Stressful traffic may also be the reason for avoidable auto body damage in Saint Louis, Missouri as well. Think about asking to have your work schedule adapted to let you drive in off-hours or get to the area where you work early and stop for breakfast or a workout session at the gym.

If you wish to get extreme about decreasing your gas expenditure, abstain from making use of the a/c and the heater except if positively necessary. You would be surprised by how much money you can save. There is really no clear indication about whether or not windows down or A/C spares you more money when you are aiming to cool down your car, but either one will certainly reduce your fuel efficiency. Being too fast to speed up when climbing hills can also lower gas mileage. Be content to slow down a bit on your way up a hill and you might see incredible financial savings.

There is a big fallacy going around about fuel efficiency that the pros at Car Craft Auto Body are all too happy to unmask. Premium fuel is a complete waste of money. In spite of what the fuel companies may tell you, there is basically no difference between the premium stuff and the normal stuff. Do not fall for this rip-off. The “additives” in premium gasoline are virtually identical to the additives to regular gasoline.

In addition to the behavioral changes that you can make to boost your gas mileage, there are also some mechanical changes that could have an equally impressive effect. If you have read anything else on this site, you are no stranger to the benefits of having tires with the correct level of inflation. Both under-inflated and over-inflated tires can be bad for the life of your tires, for your gas mileage, and for the traction you require to stay safe on the road. In the same manner, having tires that are out of alignment can bring down fuel efficiency and wear your tires more quickly. Because tires are literally “where the rubber meets the road,” it should come as no shock that having them in tip-top shape is completely essential. If you are having any tire problems with your tires, Car Craft Auto Body would be happy to help you with tire alignment or any other problem. Tires are not the only faculty in your car with the capability of slowing you down. Not changing your oil on a regular basis can cause friction, decrease gas mileage, and eventually completely destroy your engine. While having excess weight on your car will not have that dramatic of an effect, getting rid of things such as luggage racks and trunk junk can definitely boost your fuel economy.

Regardless of the make and model of your automobile, the power to increase gas mileage is ultimately in your hands. Unfortunately, almost any compromises in your car’s performance can inevitably result in a decrease in gas mileage. Therefore, it is essential for you to keep your automobile well-maintained. That is why Car Craft Auto Body is here for the people of Saint Louis, Bridgeton, Chesterfield, and Oakville, Missouri. Give them a call today and see how they can help you put more gas money back in your wallet.