Leaving A Bad Impression: Auto Body Dents and Auto Glass Cracks From Hail

Last year, the people of Saint Louis, Missouri saw hail destruction on a huge scale. During one hail storm in May, softball-size hail came down upon the houses and automobiles of Saint Louis residents. This should come as no surprise because Missouri is consistently ranked as the fifth-worst state for hailstorms. Obviously, this is a large problem. Therefore, the hail damage experts at Car Craft Saint Louis have the following info for you pertaining to how hail damage can impact your car. The two main varieties of hail damage we see are auto body dents and auto glass damage.

Auto body dents are a pain in multiple ways. First and most obviously, dents help make your automobile look like a pile of junk. There is no avoiding it. Your otherwise shiny and well-kept automobile will not look as good if hail damage has impacted it. To put it simply, hail is going to give your vehicle a bad impression. Second, hail damage will reduce the resale value of your automobile. Unless you intend to keep your vehicle until it really is a heap of garbage, you will have to sell your car at some point. When you do, hail damage is going to influence just how much cash you can get for it. The greatest thing you can do is to get it fixed. The third trouble with auto body dents is that dents are frequently on the top of your automobile. Although this may seem like an advantage considering the shortage of visibility, it also creates a significant problem. Those grooves on top of your automobile will accumulate water whenever it rains. Whenever those pools of water sit dormant for so long, they are going to eventually become rust. That is why it is vital that you get your auto body dents repaired immediately.

The second variety of hail damage on Saint Louis, Missouri cars is auto glass damage. If the glass breaks, the solution is extremely easy: you need to replace the glass. On the other hand, whenever the glass just cracks, people try all sorts of home remedies from the web to stop the crack or cracks from spreading. Regrettably, these attempts are so often fruitless. The most popular fix is to pour some type of glue along the crack, such as nail polish or superglue.

The issue is that these chemicals simply will not bond to glass. In order for anything to adhere to glass, it needs to have the ability to seep into the microscopic pores of glass. To avoid this issue, folks are going to frequently turn to inexpensive auto glass repair kits that you can get from your local automobile parts store. The issue with that idea is that these kits normally are of a poor quality and create large smudges on your window. These too may not even prevent the spread of an auto glass crack. Some individuals then turn to even more drastic measures, such as scoring their window. This scheme consists of deliberately cracking your windshield at the end of a crack in a perpendicular fashion in order to stop its spread. Although this might theoretically stop the spread of the crack in the one direction, the stress will still be on that area. Pretty soon, you are going to see the scoring crack you made begin to broaden.

Essentially, the only way to obtain proper auto glass repair in Saint Louis, Missouri is to take it to a qualified auto body repair shop. For people living in Oakville, Chesterfield, Bridgeton, and Saint Louis, MO, Car Craft Saint Louis is just such a shop. They have years of experience fixing the dings, dents, and glass damage triggered by hailstorms and day-to-day accidents. Do not wait on your dents to rust or your glass cracks to spread. Give them a call now and get your vehicle repaired right.