Regular Maintenance to Avoid Summer Auto Body Repair

As folks of St. Louis, Bridgeton, Chesterfield, and Oakville, Missouri make the seemingly instantaneous transition from winter to springtime and from springtime to the summer months, it is almost like everyone’s complete mindset changes. Windows are opened, grills are fired up, and lawns are cut. However, there is one important component of this seasonal change that lots of men and women fail to remember: getting their automobile ready for warm weather. The best thing to do is to take your motor vehicle to a qualified mechanic in Saint Louis, MO that you trust and have them look things over. In particular, there are a few things to watch for to guarantee optimal vehicular efficiency for the coming summer.

The first thing that you need to do to ensure the proper function of your automobile is to have the tires looked at. After all, regardless of how good your brakes are, worn-out tires will make braking very difficult and dangerous. The quick change in high and low pressure systems makes it indispensable that you check the air pressure in your vehicle often throughout the transition period between winter and summertime. Making sure that the tires are blown up to the recommendation given on the sticker that you see when you open the driver’s door will improve your average gas mileage by a substantial amount and ensure that the tires do not wear out prematurely.

Ensuring that your tires have adequate tread is also a great idea. Naturally, the very best way to examine the tread on your tires is with the traditional penny test. Merely stick the penny in the tread in several different locations on the tire. Make sure that Lincoln’s head is going to the tire. If Lincoln’s head hits the tire, your tires have enough tread. If the top of Lincoln’s head does not touch the tire, you need to get better tires.

When your tires are well looked after, ensure that the brakes are also in good condition. Not surprisingly, winter driving conditions are able to cause a lot of corrosion on brake components, especially if you have an anti-lock braking system. Make sure that your Saint Louis, MO mechanic of choice takes a very good look at your brakes to ensure that you are safe as you drive about this summer. The mechanics at Car Craft Auto Body understands just how much devastation can ensue if your brakes go out at an inconvenient time.

Winter weather can also have a very negative effect on the belts and hoses on your car. Winter weather may cause even the heavy-duty rubber of these essential components to wear away. Check for cracking, peeling, and unusual softening. You do not want to be going on a major road trip this summer and have the unfortunate surprise of a broken belt or hose. Those issues can lead to something as bad as an overheated engine.

It is most likely not a surprise to you that testing the a/c unit is an important part of preparing for warmer temperatures. Thankfully, testing your air conditioner is no difficult task. Simply crank up the A/C as high as possible and make sure the air gets cool with relative quickness. If it does not, state that to the mechanic when you take it in. It might be that something is broken or perhaps you simply need to add some additional coolant to it.

On a more vital note, make sure that you have the battery tested as well. Winter weather can reek havoc on your automobile’s battery, so check your battery for any indicators of wear. Affiliated parts like the starter and alternator might also be impacted. Once you have that done, you are well on your way to having your ride ready for summer driving. If you have any concerns regarding car maintenance or you want a professional to have your automobile looked over, consider visiting Car Craft Auto Body in Saint Louis, Missouri. They offer the car repair expertise you need to get back on the road in short order.