Repair Inspection Checklist

The car is serviced and all set to roll out, but just how do you know if the task was taken care of correctly?  These are a couple basic steps from Car Craft Auto Body that you ought to take to examine what’s been repaired on your automobile and be sure all things are working like they should be. Car Craft Auto Body services vehicles in Bridgeton, Chesterfield, and Oakville, Missouri.

1.    When collecting your car, allow at least thirty minutes to finish the process.

2.    You’ll want to ask to check out your vehicle with the one who penned the estimation or provides the repair to the customer.

3.    Be ready to ask questions and never be hesitant to go to the trouble necessary to assess the fixes.

4.    Have a duplicate of the initial estimate with you and compare with the final invoice.

5.    Read the final invoice and be sure they clarify it for you. The final bill should be comprehensive (they ought to go around your automobile with you).

6.    If it is raining ask to examine the vehicle interior and undercover – clear away the water to view the paint.

7.    Ensure all new parts were put in where possible.

8.    Ensure that the paint matches (color, darker, lighter).

9.    Check out the spaces around the doors, trunk lid, and hood.  Breaks should be uniform if your auto body repair was performed correctly.

10.    Open up the doors/trunk/hood and check for polish/rubbing substance.

11.    Look at the mileage (Lots of vehicles need to be test driven therefore you will see a few miles driven by the repairer).

12.    Examine the fuel level (will need to have been taken into account at drop-off).

13.    If your car or truck required an alignment, get a copy of the before and after printout (should be within factory specification tolerances).

14.    If the car had any type of structural damage have a copy of the before and after printout (ought to be in factory specification tolerances).

15.    Check to ensure that the radio works well.

16.    Switch on the heating and A/C blower fan (be cautious as debris might come out of vents).

17.    Check all dash warning lights to make sure none are on.

18.    Check out the vehicle external lights if replaced.

19.    Tell the tow truck to take your car to Car Craft Auto Body because they’ve got the experience needed to get you back on the road faster.