The Do’s and Don’t’s Of Car Accidents

Whenever you get into a car accident, there’s a lot of things that will be going through your head. Let’s face the facts, even the best drivers make mistakes. Most people will be in some type of a car accident at some point in their life. That’s why it is imperative that you have a couple of things settled before that happens. Car Craft Auto Body in St. Louis, MO has put together these tips for you so you can be prepared.

Things That You Need to Do

First things first: call law enforcement. Even when the accident is a small one, it’s a good idea to have them there to take care of things.

When you have a car accident, contact your insurance agent immediately. That’s one thing that you won’t want to put off, although there’s going to be a lot of other stuff taking place.

Make note of all of the circumstances surrounding the accident. A few of the things to take note of include the place that the accident happened at and other things like the weather conditions.

Things Not To Do

Do not sign anything unless it is given to you by police or your insurance agent. Don’t get swept up in the moment and sign whatever’s given to you.

Do not take cash or some other kind of settlement offer. There might be more damage then you initially see, so don’t take the easy way out.

Don’t admit fault or offer to pay for damages to the other person’s automobile. Do not definitively say that you and the passengers are entirely without injury. Again, it’s easy to get swept up in the moment and make these mistakes, but if the situation devolves into litigation or an insurance fight, you’ll regret making them.

Do not give first aid to other people unless you have the correct training. Some states have Good Samaritan Laws to shield people who try to help others, but you do not want to get swept up in the possible lawsuit unless it’s an actual life-or-death situation.

You need to keep these tips in mind the next time you have an auto body accident. If you need to have some kind of auto body work done, consider going to Car Craft Auto Body. They help people in Bridgeton, Chesterfield, Oakville, and St. Louis, MO when they get into these unpleasant auto body collisions.