The Heat Is On For Summer

Summer is here now, and even though people are looking at a vacation getaway and some time outdoors, you should begin making plans to care for your vehicle and reduce damage from summer weather and quite often rough driving conditions that you can find in Bridgeton, Chesterfield, Florissant, Wildwood, Maryland Heights, or South County, MO

We are all aware that too much sun can be harmful to your skin.  It may be bad for your automobile, causing oxidation and premature fading.  Salt air is harsh on paint surfaces, too. Inside the car, plastic trim and the interior can also take a beating from heat and sun.  Although with a proper maintenance routine and some T.L.C., you can easily keep your car looking fresh and new.

This is where your local Car Craft Auto Body in St. Louis, MO can help. Car Craft Auto Body’s automotive professionals can take care of any damage you already have, and  they can also put you on the road to prevention to reduce any future costs.

Looking Cool When Things Heat Up

The first starting place is with expert detailing services. Returning your vehicle to like-new condition may cost less than you think.

  • A proper conditioning of leather, vinyl, and interior plastics may help safeguard against fading and cracking
  • Fixing torn upholstery now and replacing worn floor mats will help keep a small problem from turning out to be a larger, more pricey one later
  • Putting in window film can lessen fading later on, and also minimize heat in the passenger compartment
  • A fresh cleaning can eliminate all of the road grime, tar, and other debris that you might have picked up along the way
  • A proper waxing can help protect your car from sun and rain, restore faded paint, and bring back that showroom shine
  • Wiping out minor scratches and blemishes in the clear coat and paint now can keep rust from taking over later
  • A detailed interior cleaning can get rid of any damaging elements including sand or dirt which you may have brought into your automobile

While you experience the summer sun and outdoor activities, your car does not.  A good detailing and wax is much like sunscreen for your vehicle. With good car care and some smart driving, you and your car can sail through summer! Just give Car Craft Auto Body in St. Louis, Missouri a call.