The Repair Process

1: How to start your repair with Car Craft Auto Body Repair Experts

  1. Call or email the location nearest you to set a repair appointment.
  2. When you report your claim to your insurance company, ask to have your car repaired at Car Craft. Remember, you get to choose where you go for auto body repair.
  3. The body shop you choose should warranty your repair. Simply put, your repair warranty is only as good and reliable as the body shop that repairs your car.

2: When you arrive at our auto body shop

  1. When you walk into our shop, we’ll take your information and start a repair plan for your vehicle.
  2. As soon as you give your approval, we can begin the repair process.
  3. If you are submitting your claim through an insurance company, we will work directly with your insurance company throughout the repair process.
  4. If you need transportation, we will arrange a rental car for you through our rental car partner.

3: During your auto body repair

  1. When we repair your car, we order parts, remove damaged parts, repair body and structural damage, paint your car and put on the finishing touches.
  2. During this entire process, we update you on your vehicle’s repair status as you have requested, by phone call, email or text message.
  3. Remember, our quality repairs are on average over 3 days faster than any other St. Louis body shop, but every repair is different! Some repairs take only 3 days while other repairs take weeks. The cost of the repair can vary widely based on the damage to your vehicle from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

4: What to expect when getting your repaired vehicle back

  1. When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, we walk you through a final inspection.
  2. At this time, if you were responsible for the accident, you will pay your insurance deductible. You can also choose to pay out of pocket. If the other driver was responsible, they and/or their insurance company will take care of the cost.
  3. Lastly, you will be driving your own car which was repaired right, and you can get your life back on track.