Lamborghini Certified Collision Repair

Car Craft Auto Body is the only certified Lamborghini repair shop in Missouri. Lamborghini vehicles are high-performance, ultra-luxury automobiles that are the prized possessions of most owners.  Car Craft Auto Body knows that not just any body shop can handle the complexities of collision repair and ensure your vehicle looks as good as new again.  That is why Car Craft Auto Body is a preferred partner in the bi-state area when it comes to collision repair.


Your local certified Lamborghini collision repair shop

Becoming authorized and fully certified to repair Lamborghini’s was not an easy task.  Our collision repair technicians went through extensive training and auditing processes and our shop had to install specialized equipment before becoming fully certified.

The specialized equipment allows our team to check and maintain the integrity of Lamborghini’s carbon fiber monocoque and aluminum components.  Not just any auto body shop is equipped to handle these complexities.



Dedicated Aluminum Repair Bay and Tools

Aluminum and carbon fiber is widely used in the construction of luxury vehicles. Both light-weight and extremely rigid, aluminum and carbon fiber allow high-end manufacturers to enhance performance and fuel economy without compromising durability or strength. Car Craft ensures the proper repair of aluminum and carbon fiber body vehicles, with dedicated equipment, and the very best Specialist Technicians with considerable experience.